America's Finest Art Pottery and Tile Show!
Gamble House, Pasadena, CA
While in Pasadena don't miss out on the sights and sounds of it's Old Towne district
The popularity and success of  
The Los Angeles Pottery Show is due in part to
our great location.  The Pasadena Center is located in the center of this historical
yet vibrant and modern community.   A visit to Pasadena is not complete without a
stop at the world famous
Gamble House.  This icon of the arts and crafts movement
is the best preserved example of the work of craftsman architects, Greene and
Greene.  Built in 1908 it is located in the heart of Pasadena's arts and crafts district
and was built for David and Mary Gamble of Procter and Gamble fame.

The Pasadena Center is located within walking distance of
Old Pasadena, a 22 block
neighborhood of over 80 restaurants and 120 shops and boutiques.   This upscale
shopping and entertainment district has become a mecca for those seeking the
very best.

There's no shortage of fabulous restaurants and hotels in this city that feels like a
village.  For more information visit the official website of the
Pasadena Convention
and Visitors Bureau
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The Pasadena Convention Center.  In addition we
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For driving directions to The
Pasadena  Center and   a Yahoo!  
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The Los Angeles Pottery
The 17th Annual
Los Angeles Pottery Show

From  Bauer to Catalina  to Roseville to Rookwood
The Los Angeles Pottery Show
has it all!
We invite you to join over 100 exceptional vintage art pottery and tile
dealers plus selected contemporary potteries on February 13-14,
2016 as they bring their finest examples for sale to the 22,000 square
foot newly expanded Conference Building at The Pasadena
Convention Center.  Verbal appraisals by noted pottery authority and
auctioneer David Rago from RagoArts plus book signings are just a
few of the show's highlights.   
February 13-14, 2016
300 East Green Street, Pasadena,
Hours: 10-6 Saturday and 10-4 on
(no admission 1/2 hour prior to closing)
Tickets: $14.00 at door or
Presenting 17,000 square feet of collectible art pottery and tile from
yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Exciting things are always happening
on the floor of
The Los Angeles Pottery Show.

Once again, noted auctioneer David Rago
Ragoarts will be
conducting verbal appraisals on both days of the show during
show hours.  The appraisals are $5.00 per item and all proceeds
will go to the
American Museum of Ceramic Art located in Pomona,
David Rago is an occasional appraisers on the popular PBS series,
The Antiques Roadshow

Show hours are:
Saturday February 13: 10-6
Sunday February 14: 10-4
David Rago of  Ragoarts
The Gamble House, Pasadena, CA

Three weeks till The Los Angeles Pottery Show
2016!  There are only so many spaces in the
building and they are selling.  There is ONE space
remaining to be sold!  If you think you want to sell
at The Los Angeles Pottery Show, let us know!  
We'll be happy to send you all of the paperwork
including the floor plan showing the available
booth.   When the doors of the Pasadena
Convention Center open at 10:00 a.m. February 13,
you'll see the best of the best, the cream of the
crop!  We'll be presenting artisans and  dealers,
contemporary and  vintage at the 17th annual
show.  Dates are February 13-14, 2016.  
For more information e-mail us at
Presenting the latest work from noted potters
James and Linda Haggerty pictured in their studio
in Santa Barbara, CA.  The Haggertys have been
exhibiting at The Los Angeles Pottery Show for
several years and they of course would not miss
the next show, February 13-14, 2016 at The
Pasadena Convention Center.  Their distinctive
style is known to collectors all over the U.S. and
we look forward to having them in their usual
space # 68 at the next show.  When in Santa
Barbara, be sure to plan a visit to their new studio
at 700 E. Mason St.  Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Noted California antiques dealer and
entrepreneur Eric Berg show here in his
space at the 2013 Los Angeles Pottery
Show.  Eric specialty is early California
artifacts and has attended nearly every
one of our shows.  In addition he is
always "on the go" travelling the West in
search of exciting pieces to fill his
antique emporium on Melrose Avenue in
Los Angeles, aptly named


With a great eye for the very best and the
most unusual pieces, he has made a
success of doing what he enjoys
most....California antiques!